Each year, SOLAE staff and volunteers attend State Science Day to judge science projects and award scholarships for projects ‚ÄúTurning Science Fiction into Science Fact”.

Our good friend Ed Jones introduced Marcon to judging science fairs and awarding scholarships in the 1990s, even before they joined SOLAE!

Ohio State Science Day is a program of The Ohio Academy of Science.

Scholarship Criteria

2020 – 2021

Due to the pandemic no scholarships were awarded in 2020 or 2021.


  • Grade 9-12 $500 Sundus M.
  • Grade 5-8 $500 Isabelle S.
  • Honorable Mention $100 Carsyn H.


  • Grade 5-8 $500 Evgenia E. “Finding Latitude and Longitude Using Primitive Instruments”
  • Grade 9-12 $500 Rachel K. “Martian Renewable Energy Forecast Model”
    Rachel was a two time winner, winning both 2017 and 2018!
  • Grade 9-12 $500 Delores P. “Utilizing pGLO Plasmids to Efficiently Test for Pseudomonas aeruginosa”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Emily G. “Can Musicians Develop Better Hearing”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Sebastian D. “Effect of Music on Facial Expression as Measured by Emotion Recognition Software”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Charles P. “Preparing for Space Exploration: Additive Manufacturing at Point of Use”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Kaylaa B. “Curiously Strong Thermoelectric Flashlight”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Arya S. “Cyber Security Vulnerabilities in Connected Medical Devices”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Gayatri R. “Predicting Likelihood of Alzheimer’s Using Neural Networks (PLANN)”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Garrett C.”Video Game Vitals”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Patrick L. “Smarter Midnight Care”


  • Grade 9-12 $500 Rachel K.
  • Mitchell A.
  • Austin B.
  • Grace C.
  • Conner M.
  • Neeti P.
  • Sanjit R.
  • Cole T.




  • Grade 5-8 $500 Ali K. “How Does the Diameter Affect the Velocity and Acceleration of the Coronal Mass Ejection”
  • Grade 9-12 $500 Vishal N. “Waste Drinks to Biofuel”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Yennmay C. “Maximum Power Point Tracking, Load Resistance, and Solar Irradiation Profiles Effects on Solar Panels”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Ian M. “Comparing the Altitude of Dimpled Nose Cone Rockets with Dimpled and Smooth Body Tubes”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Benjamin D. Superhero Science: A Study of Enclothed Cognition”
    Benjamin was a two time winner, winning both 2013 and 2014!
  • Honorable Mention $100 Aman J. “The Effect of Impact on Non-Newtonian Fluids”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Cassie M. “The Sea of Your Dreams”
  • Honorable Mention $100 George L. “Analyzing the Synthesis of Dyes in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Sam S. “A New Way of Propulsion”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Conner M. “The Effects of Aquaponics, Sand, and Soil on Plants”
  • Honorable Mention $100 Douglas S. “A survey-based examination of a possible correlation of Neurological Conditions and Food Allergies”


  • Grade 5-8 $500 Ben D. “Superhero Science: A Study of Enclothed Cognition”
  • Grade 9-12 $500 Kanaad P. “Crash Avoidance in Autonomous Vehicles”