State Science Day Judging Criteria
SOLAE Scholarship Award for “Turning Science Fiction into Science Fact”

  1. Was the project based in part or wholly on Science Fiction?
    • Idea or concept from a Science Fiction movie?
    • Idea or concept from reading a Science Fiction book?
    • Other source
  2. Knowledge Achieved
    • Correct use and understanding of terms and principals
    • Project exceeds classroom level for the student’s grade based upon the judge’s opinion
    • Adequate depth of knowledge
    • Literature search: extent of scientific, engineering, or medical journals/ sources or just popular literature citations
    • Supplements answers with additional relevant information
  3. Uses of Scientific Method or Technical Design
    • Experimental design: specific problem or question, clearly stated hypothesis or technical design statement; clear method(s) with correctly defined and measured variables and controls; sufficient understanding of methods from related studies in the literature
    • Data handling, data tables, graphs. statistics; sufficient number of trials or samples for the problem
    • Valid conclusion(s) or discussion of results
    • Well documented lab journal/ data record book
    • Student effectively used professional equipment or correctly constructed/ used home made apparatus, equipment, experimental materials or models
  4. Clarity of Expression
    • Abstract with clear statement of results>
    • Written report: unambiguous title, organization, results, correct grammar and spelling, citations, references
    • Visual display: neatness, conveys essence of the idea, hypothesis, or design statement, results, and conclusion(s)
    • Oral presentation: understanding or from memory; questions answered correctly and clearly
  5. Originality & Creativity
    • New idea, concept, principle, hypothesis, insight or non-obvious approach or problem definition
    • Novel association or relationship of previous discoveries or knowledge
    • Rigorous and exhaustive analysis of extensive or robust data or results that reveal previously unknown relations
    • Inquiry or design based rather than a summary of knowledge